Geoffrey J. Teale


Open Source projects that I created.


A Go library for reading and writing the OOXML XLSX file format used by Excel and supported in LibreOffice,, Google Docs and various other office suites. Grab the source from


A very simple program to convert OOXML XLSX files to CSV. Essentially this is just a simple demonstration of how to use the Go xlsx library above. Grab the source from github.

If you're looking for a more fully featured XLSX to CSV convertor I suggest looking at Dilshod Temirkhodjaev's Python implementation of xlsx2csv.


If you have an xlsx2csv, you should have a csv2xlsx too, right? Again, this is mainyl intended as a demonstration of the go xlsx libraries ability to write XLSX file. Grav the source here.


I keep my Emacs configuration under source control, you are welcome to inspect it.

Family resources


English4Kids - English courses for pre-school children in Hannover, Germany run by Nicole Teale.


Indra Jurk - Gefuehlswerkstatt

Gefuehlswerkstatt - Trainings zur Prvention psychosozialer Konflikte bei Kindern im Grundschulalter.