Geoffrey J. Teale

About Geoffrey Teale

Family Life

I am married and have two young daughters.

Professional Life

I am a software engineer, currently employed by Canonical, as part of the team building the Landscape cloud and systems management tool.

My previous employers include Cmed Technology (Director of Technical Development), Thomson-Reuters (Technical Consultant), Elsevier Germany (E-Product Architect), and Rentokil Initial (Application Developer), as well as a period as a self-employed consultant.

For a more detailed career history see LinkedIn.



For some sample of my photography work see Flickr.


Sadly, I don't do this much any more. One day, when I have more time…


I've tried many times over the years to take running seriously. Right now it seems to be working, let's hope it stays that way. I'm looking into ways to track my runs right now.