Bicycle maintenance (part 3)

Still waiting on parts to show up from the USA. Will update here when I have made progress

Mon Apr 5 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Bicycle maintenance (Part 2)

Working too hard I’ve been working too hard this last week or so (most evenings and a little at the weekend too). Nasty little data conversion tasks are an ongoing theme - to much human controlled data means lots of special cases and a never ending stream of little problems. Ho hum. Some good news about bike parts However, I am happy to report that came through on their online offer and identified the correct part for my bike from my photos....

Tue Mar 23 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Bicycle maintenance

Vandalism Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be well aware that back in February (on my birthday no less!) my bike was vandalised. Some enterprising mind burdoned, no doubt, by the unending pressures of modern life, decided to releave a little stress by kicking my rear deraileur through the spokes of my back wheel. DIY I thought breifly about having a bike shop repair the resulting damage but instead I decided I would repair it myself....

Sun Mar 21 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Voigtländer Vitomatic II

I’ve purchased one of these on E-bay for the princely sum of 20€. This is essentially the same as the Voigtlaender Vito CL I have been using recently but with a coupled rangefinder and with the meter mirrored in the viewfinder. Ebay listing suggests it’s fully functional, and given the classic West-German build quality of these late 1950s / early 1960s Voigtländers I have high hopes. To date I haven’t really found the “perfect” 35mm camera....

Tue Mar 2 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

HTML5 and all that

Clojure So.. Firstly a quick update re: clojure. I’m still using it, productively and occasionally frustraitedly. Most frustration comes from my lack of available time and the relative newness of the language. Now Clojure is 2 years old there are often libraries are available to do things in a way idiomatic to Clojure rather than just using Java libraries directly, however there’s no a great deal of documentation of examples for these libraries....

Sun Jan 10 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Mac foo I learned today

Long time no post! Ho hum, been busy as ever. Anyhow, for my own benefit just wanted to write down some Mac foo I learned today. I was searching for the Mac equivalent of the Linux “eject” command. Lots of people online are spouting off about needing to reboot their macs and hold down keys to eject disks that aren’t recognised, but what you really need is: hdiutil eject /dev/disk1

Fri Mar 27 2009 · Geoffrey J. Teale

On Clojure (part 7)

Some good Clojure news, some bad Clojure news So… first the bad news. I’ve had to drop the Qt port of my little Clojure recruitment database. I was just hitting too many problems using Qt-Jambi and it was taking too long. The client needed a working database ASAP and I wasn’t gonna get there. At the same time I also learned to use Apple’s Core Data on Mac Os X 10....

Tue Jan 13 2009 · Geoffrey J. Teale

On Clojure (part 6)

AOT problem solved Thanks to the swift responses of the Clojure google group I have got past my little problem. It was, of course, deceptively simple, but not clear to someone who doesn’t do Java programming much. The problem was basically that whatever I did I could not get Clojure to recognise that the source files existed in the classpath. When you invoke java with the -jar command line option it completely ignores the classpath (both the environment variable, or the -cp argument....

Sun Nov 30 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale

On Clojure (part 5)

Caught on a Clojure roller-coaster I was hoping to make some decent progress this weekend with my Clojure code. The plan was to port it to the new AOT model of compilation. However, my efforts have been frustrated by me not being able to get AOT working. I have posted my problem to the group, so hopefully there will be some solution soon. Clojure is developing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up, I think that’s how I got into this mess with AOT....

Sun Nov 30 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale

On Clojure (part 4)

AOT is cool, but it breaks some of what I’ve already talked about Clojure is a young language, and as such it’s developing fast. It’s an exhilarating ride to be on, but sometime it means things I’ve written change. So, when reading my previous posts, please note that the latest revisions to Clojure include the provision of Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation. This will break the compilation mechanisms I used in some of the content below....

Thu Nov 27 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale