So, this weekend we found ourselves in the Thereisen fair ground looking for a new lens (long story - we ended up buying a dining table instead of a lens, such is life!). Whilst in this area of Munich, where Oktoberfest takes place, we got to see the young and trendy types and I realised that I was not as “down” with the young people as I imagined (I mean, can you even imagine me not being cool?).

So here is my attempt to reproduce the predominant style of dress amongst the young folk on that portion of Munich.

Dude: Geoff looking ridiculous, trouser tucked into socks, underwear showing around midriff. Wearing slippers, sunglasses, a floppy sun hat and a Ani-DiFranco long-sleeve t-shirt.

Clearly all men are jealous and all women will find this irresistable.

I thank you for you interest, but I am Nicole’s sorry, better luck next time.