Wow. This is turning out to be a good weekend. I’ve just seen the best concert I’ve seen in quite some while and tomorrow I’m flying to Lisbon for a weeks holiday.

House concerts are always so intimate that they can make anyone with anything reasonably intelligent to sing about sound like Joni, Dar or Ani. Anaïs is something else though she writes songs that are both beautiful and cut to the heart of the great wrongness of the western world right now. Put that in the context of a house concert and you’ve got something amazing.

Sat in the front row, a matter of inches from a singer who is so totally absorbed in the act of making music that her whole body writhes around the guitar, or marches on the spot, is an experience unmatched in the world of music. It takes me back to the days when I made music with talented people and we sat and talked and played all night.

Anaïs is on tour in the UK for a while more, you can see her tour dates here.