Ranting and raving?

I’ve waited a long time to talk about this. I was all ready to rant and rave about the torrent of lies that the media would put out. As it turned out, however, one of the nice things over the last couple of weeks is that there have been pockets of journalists who’ve have taken the time to actually accurately portray Bill Gates career in the computer industry. In the past journalists and news outlets have seen fit to repeat the myths that Bill and Microsoft have propagated. On his retirement though they seem happy to point out that Microsoft is not responsible for most of the innovations it gives it self credit for, and even fewer that the general public give it credit for, and contrary to popular belief Bill Gates is not one of the greatest technical minds of his generation. What he is a great business man, and his company has succeeded by putting business first, often at the direct expense of innovation and technical improvement.

Defining figure

However you feel about the man however he is one of the defining figures of his generation and as an economic entity he has the power to change the world, and I’m glad to say in his retirement he intends to spend more time using his fortune to rid the world of some of it’s real problems through the Gates Foundation.

As for the computer industry, well the era of Microsoft’s domination is slowly ebbing away, but I’ll leave it to Richard Stallman as ever to present the ethical compass for the industry in this rather nice piece at the BBC.