So I’m trying flock out again.

It’s been a while since I last looked at it. All I can say is it’s improved massively. It’s actually just like Firefox with lots of lovelly extra interactions with my favourite web sites. So far so impressed.


I haven’t drunk cider since university, but at the Walkabout bar in central Birmingham I was introducer to Kopperburg, Swedish cider (thank you GUADEC!) which was actually really nice. Since then I’ve had no end of trouble getting hold of the stuff. Every place I go either doesn’t stock it or is out of stock. It’s a shame because it’s lovely.

Worse than all that however is that I have resorted to trying other ciders to see if I’d just forgortten how good cider is. I haven’t. Every other cider I have tasted has been unreservedly shite.

Unless I can find a supplier of Kopperburg in the immediate future I’ve a feeling cider will be off my menu for at least another decade.


I’ve got too many projects to work on and that makes it hard to focus. Right now I have:

  • Reading “purely functional data structure”, which in turn requires me to learn Standard ML (can I just say,yuck).
  • Working on VonTeese, a DITA handling system in Scheme.
  • Learning about concurrent Scheme programming in Termite.
  • Writing a ELISP to allow me to edit item on a Twiki based Wiki directly.
  • Working out a good data acquisition UI strategy for mobile GNOME devices (via PokyLinux for the time being).

.. plus a whole load of other ideas floating around in my head.