For a good long while I have been tracking the Ikarus Scheme implementation. I like it because it tries to comply with R6RS, compiles to some pretty quick code and recently added 64bit support. I like it so much that I even package it and a number of related libraries for Arch Linux.

However, Ikarus has a single annoyance for me - it is not easy to extend it with C libraries. You can of course do this by running a C program that allows calls to the library in question via socket or pipe communication - but I don’t really like that model.

Enter Ypsilon

For this reason I am quite excited to come across Ypsilon, an R6RS compliant Scheme implementation with a Multi-Core optomised garbage collection routine, simple FFI and support for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

As soon as I have found time to have a play I will write more!