Open Source

Here is a summary of some of the open source projects I’ve either authored or contributed to.


Title Description Contribution
apexorc Output Apex log messages to ORC files Author
apexovernsq an NSQ bridge for log entries from Apex log Author
callstack find out what called a given function in the current callstack Author
confita load configuration in cascade from multiple backends into a struct Contributor
felice opinionated Kafka library Contributor
idgen bulk UUID generator Author
regula business rules engine Contributor
stdlogtoapex bridge Go’s log packge to Apex log Author
xlsx read and write Microsoft XLSX files Author

Emacs modes

Title Description Contribution
YUI mode emacs minor mode to properly indent YUI Javascript files Author


Title Description Contribution
Brother P-Touch 2420PC CUPS driver for the Brother P-Touch 2420PC label printer. Original Author. My work was massively expanded by Renaud Bompuis


Title Description Contribution
csv2xlsx convert CSV files to XLSX files Author
xlsx2csv convert XLSX files to CSV files Author
naturalsort perform natural sorting of data on the command line Author
XSLXFindReplace command line find and replace for content in XLSX files Author
regula business rules engine Contributor
Landscape Client Client daemon of the Landscape systems management tool for Ubuntu Contributor