Mac foo I learned today

Long time no post! Ho hum, been busy as ever. Anyhow, for my own benefit just wanted to write down some Mac foo I learned today. I was searching for the Mac equivalent of the Linux “eject” command. Lots of people online are spouting off about needing to reboot their macs and hold down keys to eject disks that aren’t recognised, but what you really need is: hdiutil eject /dev/disk1

Fri Mar 27 2009 · Geoffrey J. Teale

On Clojure (part 7)

Some good Clojure news, some bad Clojure news So… first the bad news. I’ve had to drop the Qt port of my little Clojure recruitment database. I was just hitting too many problems using Qt-Jambi and it was taking too long. The client needed a working database ASAP and I wasn’t gonna get there. At the same time I also learned to use Apple’s Core Data on Mac Os X 10....

Tue Jan 13 2009 · Geoffrey J. Teale

On Clojure (part 2)

Distributing QtJambi with Clojure. How to bundle up Clojure programs for distribution One of the questions I’ve seen coming up a few times is how to distribute clojure programs. The obvious answer is to build executable JAR files. A while ago I produced a simple database application for my girlfriends recruitment business, NRecruit. I developed this using Clojure on my Arch Linux based laptop, and deployed to her MacBook running OS X Leopard....

Sat Nov 8 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale