Bicycle maintenance (part 3)

Still waiting on parts to show up from the USA. Will update here when I have made progress

Mon Apr 5 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Bicycle maintenance (Part 2)

Working too hard I’ve been working too hard this last week or so (most evenings and a little at the weekend too). Nasty little data conversion tasks are an ongoing theme - to much human controlled data means lots of special cases and a never ending stream of little problems. Ho hum. Some good news about bike parts However, I am happy to report that came through on their online offer and identified the correct part for my bike from my photos....

Tue Mar 23 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Bicycle maintenance

Vandalism Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be well aware that back in February (on my birthday no less!) my bike was vandalised. Some enterprising mind burdoned, no doubt, by the unending pressures of modern life, decided to releave a little stress by kicking my rear deraileur through the spokes of my back wheel. DIY I thought breifly about having a bike shop repair the resulting damage but instead I decided I would repair it myself....

Sun Mar 21 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale