Bicycle maintenance

Vandalism Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be well aware that back in February (on my birthday no less!) my bike was vandalised. Some enterprising mind burdoned, no doubt, by the unending pressures of modern life, decided to releave a little stress by kicking my rear deraileur through the spokes of my back wheel. DIY I thought breifly about having a bike shop repair the resulting damage but instead I decided I would repair it myself....

Sun Mar 21 2010 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Things that happened yesterday

Tech content? Hmmm I am aware that I should put more technical content here, trouble is I don’t have much to say at the moment. Work is dragging on with the same old problems with different hardware. Outside work I am actively working on something (smallish) using Erlang to get my skills in that area up to scratch before starting something else (still smallish, but bigger). Schmap In the mean time here are a couple of things that happened yesterday....

Wed Jul 2 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale

A bugs life!

It starts with the Aphids. When we put our plants on the balcony this year those dastardly greenfly hit them with a vengance. We tried a natural remedy, based on soaked nettles.. but without success we were left with no other option but to pray for ladybird or hover fly lavae. Just when we thought we would never get any luck we spotted the first ladybird lavae. They’re ugly little critters but with plenty of aphids to munch on they soon grew big and strong....

Tue Jun 24 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Geoff embraces his new life

Nic seems to specialise in taking shots of me in compromising positions. Here I am at the local Biergarten (Lochham) , drinking König Lüdwig dunkels bier (my favourite German beer) and supporting Germany in the match against Portugal. For some reason it looks like my ear was bleeding, it wasn’t. Role on Turkey.. probably not one to be in the center of München for given the reaction of the Turkish population here following their victory the following night....

Mon Jun 23 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale


So, this weekend we found ourselves in the Thereisen fair ground looking for a new lens (long story - we ended up buying a dining table instead of a lens, such is life!). Whilst in this area of Munich, where Oktoberfest takes place, we got to see the young and trendy types and I realised that I was not as “down” with the young people as I imagined (I mean, can you even imagine me not being cool?...

Sun Apr 13 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Guten Morgen 2008

A new year So… a new year.. the 30th new year of my life. A new location A big year for me. Firstly I am now just two months away from moving to Munich with my girlfriend Nicole and I’m both terrified and excited at the same time. I’m not worried about moving to Germany - strangely I just “know” that this will be OK - I’m worried about the future....

Tue Jan 1 2008 · Geoffrey J. Teale

Auf Deutsch

A little Danish elefant embraces his future in Germany. I guess everyone knows now that Nic and I are moving to Munich next year.

Sun Nov 25 2007 · Geoffrey J. Teale